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Nyenrode 70th Anniversary

Shaping Leaders Since 1947

For the 70th anniversary of the Business University Nyenrode, a co-creation anniversary event was developed in this edition, which, like previous events, connected the many Nyenrode stakeholders. More than 1,500 visitors visited the event and experienced a special programme with many highlights.

1,500 visitors 98 kilometres in golf carts 20 alumni in the opening choir 1,000 steps in Memory Lane
SHAPING LEADERS SINCE 1947 Founded in 1946 by founding fathers KLM, Shell, Unilever, Philips and AKZO. A unique initiative that has already written history. Special talents have been developed and striking personalities have been formed here. An institute that has been loyal to the slogan “for and by business” for 70 years. And, an institute which is preparing the next generation for the world of (inter)national business. Not just the institute, its students and alumni play an important role in history. The prominent castle on the estate has a history that dates to 1275. For 70 years, the university has been working towards the future. Therefore, a theme connecting the past and the future: “Shaping Leaders since 1947”. A theme which signifies Nyenrode’s rich heritage. A university that educates leaders; yesterday, today and tomorrow.
A MEMORABLE PROGRAMME Recognition and pride were the themes that took centre stage in the anniversary party: recognition by seeing your old classmates again, a very long memory lane in the park with images from the past 70 years and former Nyenrodians on the stage during the opening and the grand finale. Pride during the opening in a tailor-made spectacle, set to the tunes of the Nyenrode song and for the closing, a fireworks spectacle in the shape of impressive video-mapping on the Castle. And, of course, by optimally involving the estate in the evening’s programme. Alumni could justifiably “celebrate” the fact that they belong to an institute that shapes leaders.
THE POWER OF CO-CREATION We kicked off 19 months before the anniversary: a first brainstorm session with former and current students, the alumni offices, Nyenrode Breukelen and Amsterdam. In these sessions, the first contours were sketched: “We want a ‘good party’, centred on alumni seeing their old friends again, the sense of home of the campus, the fraternisation with Nyenrode and each other”. The final execution was above and beyond expectation, indicated by the numerous expressions of gratitude through email and social media, which already started arriving while the evening was still underway. +31 35 303 2000 Van Hengellaan 25
1217 AR Hilversum
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