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Boosting is the energy that moves people. D&B Eventmarketing (previously Dechesne & Boertje Eventmarketing) creates that same energy in every event concept. We also believe in taking a campaign-based approach to events: involving participants at different moments. Not only during, but also prior to, and after the event. A one-time event becomes more meaningful if it's part of a larger strategic message.

The vision that we have coupled to methods ('boosters') to get more out of your events. D&B Eventmarketing can assist you with event boosters for trajectories surrounding conferences, cultural changes, jubilee years, relationship marketing, or to stimulate innovations. D&B has documented these boosters in handy 'Little Pink Books'; our own white papers. You can download them for free.

D&B EVENT BOOSTER We gladly share our vision and more than 33 years of practical experience with you through edition 0 of our Little Pink Book. This Little Pink Book is about the Power of Events. Download this D&B Event Booster, full of useful tools, methods, and practical tips. Need more info? info@db-eventmarketing.nl of +31 (0)35 303 2000
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D&B ANNIVERSARY BOOSTER Would you like to get more from your anniversary celebration? Do you want to use your anniversary celebration as a launch pad for the ambitions of your organization? Then download the D&B Anniversary Booster now. This is a handy Little Pink Book that describes the six different phases of developing an anniversary calendar. Your milestone can be a strategic initiative! Need more info? info@db-eventmarketing.nl of +31 (0)35 303 2000
D&B CONFERENCE BOOSTER Are you interested in discovering our vision for conferences? Then download our D&B Conference Booster Little Pink Book. This method will enhance the impact of a conference and support the ambitions of the organization. The result: an event that is effective and leaves a lasting impact. Need more info? info@db-eventmarketing.nl of +31 (0)35 303 2000
D&B CULTURE BOOSTER Turn your employees into brand ambassadors. How? You can read all about this method in our D&B Culture Booster Little Pink Book. D&B and branding agency BR-ND have developed a concept that encourages the joint internalization, activation, and celebration of the strategic points of departure in an easy-going and fun way. Need more info? info@db-eventmarketing.nl of +31 (0)35 303 2000
D&B RELATIONSHIP MARKETING BOOSTER How can giving the relationship marketing of your organization a boost be achieved? Read all about it in the D&B Relationship Marketing Booster. Need more info? info@db-eventmarketing.nl of +31 (0)35 303 2000
D&B INNOVATION BOOSTER Innovation through events with the Innovation Booster. A progressive tool that covers the three steps - Explore, Experiment, and Execute - that can be used to stimulate innovation in your organization. For the development of this booster, D&B collaborated with Innovation Booster. Need more info? info@db-eventmarketing.nl of +31 (0)35 303 2000
EVENT CONSULTANCY You can also get into touch with our enthusiastic professionals for Event Consultancy or visit us at the D&B Eventhouse in Hilversum. Here you will be inspired by the event partner for businesses in the Netherlands. D&B Eventmarketing is also happy to visit you and present several of our successful event cases to inspire you. We hope that you will enjoy the read! Need more info? info@db-eventmarketing.nl of +31 (0)35 303 2000
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