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100th Anniversary Jubilee

How can you make different locations with all their cooperation members and colleagues enthusiastic for a jubilee party and how can you involve them in the festivities? This was the question that FloraHolland placed before D&B Eventmarketing for the celebrating of their 100th anniversary jubilee. A succession of events throughout the year was the solution.

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THE JUBILEE AS A SPRINGBOARD FloraHolland utilised the celebrating of this jubilee to strengthen its identity and to further increase the connection members, buyers and employees have with the company. In this manner, the jubilee was not only employed as a moment to celebrate an important milestone, but also a springboard to highlight the company’s ambitions. The jubilee as a boost for FloraHolland. The highlight of the festivities took place in the middle of November, with multiple events that FloraHolland had organised in collaboration with D&B Eventmarketing.
A COLOURFUL PARTY IN THE FLOWER AUCTIONING HOUSE The grand jubilee party was celebrated “at home” at FloraHolland’s own flower auctioning house in Rijnsburg. The export halls were furnished as the event location, without significantly hampering the production processes. For one week, 24 hours a day were spent constructing a unique party location. On the first evening, more than 5,000 employees and their partners enjoyed an unforgettable “in-house” evening. The next evening, the event welcomed almost 7,000 member growers.
EXPANDING PRIDE IN AND CONNECTION WITH THE ORGANISATION During the grand jubilee party, the colourful spectacle - in which FloraHolland’s colleagues were given a special place on the stage - overwhelmed guests: an opening by a colourful gospel choir of 100 employees, under the spirited guidance of Karin Bloemen. After months of preparation, “The Voices of FloraHolland” shone on stage during the final. FloraHolland gave their organisation a boost in the jubilee year. Curious which elements are part of our jubilee booster? Download our Little Pink Book “D&B Jubilee Booster”, or contact us. We will gladly drop by to show you why what we do works. +31 35 303 2000
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