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Opening wind farm Zuidlob

The youngest wind farm of energy supplier Nuon in Zeewolde was festively opened by Her Royal Majesty Princess Beatrix on the 11th of September 2013. In a special way, the story of "the power of the wind" was told. During the opening actions, the wind farm was - assisted by seven children from the region - symbolically blown into action by the princess. From that moment onwards, the wind farm has been known as the Princess Alexia Wind Farm.

350 stakeholders 36 wind turbines 17 press photographers 1 royal guest
THE POWER OF THE WIND Nuon is proud of the new wind farm “De Zuidlob”. It is Nuon’s first wind farm in the Dutch market and one of the largest “onshore” farms in existence! With the construction of the wind farm, Nuon has displayed its dedication to sustainable energy production and its contribution to a green future. The opening of the wind farm was celebrated in style. In this, the emphasis was placed on the fruitful cooperation between Nuon/Vattenfall, the Zeewolde Municipality, associated farmers and the builders. During the opening, this cooperation was clearly visualized in a succession of film, live speeches and live acts, with the central thread in the story: “the power of the wind”. +31 35 303 2000
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