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125th Anniversary

ARCADIS and KNHM celebrated their 125th anniversary in 2013. For this occasion, D&B Eventmarketing created a special anniversary concept with an events calendar and an online platform known as Cr&ating Tomorrow. The anniversary consisted of three surprising What's Next meetings and a grand finale event attended by members of the Dutch royal house at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.

5 locations 19 brainstorming sessions 3,318 invitees 17 production meetings
Collaborating on a calendar D&B Eventmarketing spent two-and-a-half years working in close collaboration with the ARCADIS and KNHM steering committee. This partnership led to the creation of an events calendar and an online platform developed in close consultation with clients, students, and ARCADIS and KNMH representatives. ARCADIS and KNHM opted for a knowledge-based interpretation of the events calendar. Both companies wanted to distinguish themselves as future-oriented knowledge organizations that aim to create the world of tomorrow. The Cre&ting Tomorrow vision highlights this double anniversary and the added value ARCADIS provides as the central axis: the company takes a proactive role in co-creation.
54 talented students Took on the 48-hour Challenge
The experts of today meet the talents of tomorrow The youth of today are essential to the world of tomorrow. For this reason, young people played an important role in the programme: the experts of today meet the talents of tomorrow. Each substantive meeting kicked off with a student competition known as The Challenge. During each edition, three student teams spent 48 hours in a villa discussing a specific issue in line with the What's Next theme: Healthy Planet, Urban Deltas, and Connections.
400 relations 1 Royal guest
Grand Finale The anniversary year was closed in style at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, which also celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2013. For the occasion, the Concertgebouw was transformed into a festive dining venue that united the most important clients of ARCADIS and KNMH. The guests were treated to a special evening and the winning student team led by then-Queen Beatrix was presented with an award that consisted of a 10,000-euro cash prize and a traineeship. We worked in six phases to create the anniversary calendar. Do you want to get the most out of your anniversary year? Download our D&B Anniversary Booster book full of useful tips and tricks. +31 35 303 2000
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