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Our history

Event agency with impact

With its impressive track record in LIVE communication, the pink event marketing bureau D&B Eventmarketing has long conquered its place in the world of marketing and events. A lot has happened in more than 40 years, but the passion for LIVE is undiminished.

We are curious, embrace change, take the initiative, and like to stick our necks out. To that end, we published a book in 2018, ‘LIVE!’, about achieving the maximum impact with your event; we received, among other awards, four Golden Giraffe Event awards from our fellows in the business; and in December 2019, Pieter Bas Boertje, D&B’s owner, was chosen to chair IDEA, the trade organisation for live communication and event bureaus.

D&B Eventmarketing team professionals

What’s in a name?

In 1983, on Valentine’s day, our story begins. At the Leliegracht in Amsterdam, Janine Dechesne and Elvira Veenings launch Nini’s Productions. Five years on, Pieter Bas joins the company and the name is changed into Dechesne & Boertje. When Janine left the company in 2007, the now pink bureau was rechristened D&B Eventmarketing. The day of the launch is still celebrated with a festive lunch.

Strategic event communication

LIVE company D&B has its roots in the theatre and musical world and step by step moved into strategic event marketing. The team’s composition and skills grew organically and always served as a strong, reliable base to create impactful events and cultural change missions.

Loyal ambassadors

That organic development and continual focus on quality has resulted in a large group of loyal customers who, as true ambassadors, are spreading the ‘word of pink’ with us. As advocates for successful relation marketing, we are nothing if not incredibly proud of that achievement! During the annual D&B Rosé, the celebrated relations event that we’ve organized since 2008, we toast to results we achieved and to the new year, filled with ambitious goals.

The Event House in Hilversum

Over the last three decades, D&B moved from Amsterdam to Naarden, Almere and the harbor near Muiden, and in 2018, it landed in the most important LIVE community in the Netherlands: Hilversum. Only a stone’s throw away from the Mediapark, we created the Event House: a place where a new generation of event professionals learns the trade and where members of the event trade learn new skills during inspiring master classes. Do you want to experience how D&B Eventmarketing lives its brand and achieves results? You are more than welcome in our Event House.

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info@db-eventmarketing.nl +31 35 303 2000 Van Hengellaan 25
1217 AR Hilversum
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