Team D&B


With a team of enthusiastic D&B people, we are ready for you!

Pieter Bas Boertje Managing Director
Sabine Dijkema Commercial Director
Josine Lixon-Verbeek Operational Director
Jorryt van der Haar Director Creation and Innovation
Anouk Paap Graphic Designer
Anouk Kuperus Event Assistant
Beau Wilbrink Graphic Designer
Berber Brouwer Commercial Manager
Bloeme van Kessel Event manager
Caitlin van Moorsel Event manager
Carlien Winter Event manager
Charley Meijer zu Schlochtern Creative Video & Editor
Eloïne Riupassa Office manager
Emma Janssen Event assistant
Hester Rauwenhoff Campaign manager
Iris van Dijk Project manager Communication
Iza van Kerkhof Event assistant
Jeroen Roozendaal Event manager
JIJ? Vacancy
Lidwine Jocker Communication & Brand Manager
Lilian Brouwer Event manager
Lisanne Schmidt - Geldof Event manager
Maaike Strijbos Event manager
Maarten Overbeek Campaign manager
Marion Boersma Commercial manager Backoffice
Mila Bastiaansen​ Concept & Graphic Design Assistent
Milene Buijs Event manager
Nicole Loeffen Event manager
Nieske Castelein Internal branding specialist
Pierre van Veldhoven Creative Concept & Design
Rosalie Bayer Creative
Suzan Lam Financial manager
Sven Bäcker Creative Concept Developer
Tanya van Dijk Commercial manager
Tessa Geurts Event assistant
Get in touch +31 35 303 2000 Van Hengellaan 25
1217 AR Hilversum
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