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D&B Eventmarketing wants to put people in motion – move them and make them shine.
And we're prepared to do everything to make this happen. Read more about our driving forces.


Bas Veldkamp
Bas Veldkamp Creative Concept Developer
Charley Meijer zu Schlochtern
Charley Meijer zu Schlochtern Video Producer
Eline Zick
Eline Zick Creative Concept Developer
Esther Veenendaal
Esther Veenendaal Sales Account Executive
Femke Ramaker
Femke Ramaker Creative Strategist
Jorryt van der Haar
Jorryt van der Haar Creative Concept Developer
Josine Lixon-Verbeek
Josine Lixon-Verbeek Operational Manager
Julia Boertje
Julia Boertje Sales Employee
Lara Roos
Lara Roos Senior Project Manager
Lennart Peeperkorn
Lennart Peeperkorn Deputy Director
Lisanne Geldof
Lisanne Geldof Project Manager
Marion Boersma
Marion Boersma Sales & Marketing
Maryam Sebbar
Maryam Sebbar Project Manager
Maud de Bock
Maud de Bock Project Manager
Michelle Meydam-Kampinga
Michelle Meydam-Kampinga Senior Project Manager
Nicole Loeffen
Nicole Loeffen Projectmanager
Nieske Castelein
Nieske Castelein Event Consultant
Pierre van Veldhoven
Pierre van Veldhoven Creative Concept Developer
Pieter Bas Boertje
Pieter Bas Boertje Managing Director
Sabine Dijkema
Sabine Dijkema Sales Account Executive
Saskia Aardewijn
Saskia Aardewijn Project Manager
Saskia van Hamersveld
Saskia van Hamersveld Social Media Expert
Sietske Baaten
Sietske Baaten Designer
Suzan Lam
Suzan Lam Financial Manager
Anuska Schurman
Anuska Schurman Intern Projectmanagement
Babette Nienhuis
Babette Nienhuis Intern Projectmanagement
Isabelle Schermer
Isabelle Schermer Intern Creative
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