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Festive opening of Markthal Rotterdam

Rotterdam gained a new icon in 2014 with the Martkhal, the first covered market in the Netherlands. Developer Provast selected D&B Eventmarketing as its event partner to help develop the grand opening. We were proud to organize this festive occasion in the port city together with our partners.


30 m2 stage 116 parade artists 3.5 metre high scale 2,750 wristbands
The Markthal World Parade The Netherlands' first food paradise was opened with a spectacular World Parade. More than 900 guests and hundreds of spectators outside the Markthal watched as Queen Máxima purchased the very first products at the market. The World Parade was a colourful musical procession consisting of dozens of Rotterdam artists and actors who collectively represented the international cuisines at the Markthal. A performance by Rotterdam's brass band at the end of the World Parade was a thorough and festive representation of the many cultures that make up the Markthal and Rotterdam itself.
158 messages in printed media 10,913 messages in total
In the press In addition to the festive opening, the event aimed to generate as much publicity as possible. And it did! Never before has the opening of a real estate project generated this much attention in the Netherlands. The opening could be followed live on TV Rijnmond and was extensively covered in the days leading up to the event by national and international media. A total of 10,913 online and offline messages and 158 messages in printed media were posted about the Markthal. This generated a media value of more than €3,000,000. The buzz surrounding the Markthal helped to create brand awareness for this special location. +31 35 303 2000
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