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Qatar Airways

Launch Event

At the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, 330 guests gathered for the Qatar Airways Launch Event. During this festive gala dinner, Qatar Airways celebrated the expansion of its flight network from Doha to Amsterdam. D&B Eventmarketing took over the project's organization.


330 clients 34 round dinner tables 10 hostesses 3 LED drummers
Strengthening bonds through market experience The guests enjoyed a memorable evening and, more importantly, Qatar Airways strengthened the bond with its clients by creating a positive brand experience in which they positioned themselves as an innovative, progressive, and dynamic carrier.
5-course menu 1,650 plates, 660 wine glasses & 5 courses
5-star airline experience The event was planned to the last detail and fit seamlessly with the five-star airline experience, from the royal location, impeccable service, and attractive decor to top-quality catering, high-profile entertainment, and a stunning opening show.
3 famous Dutch entertainers All details in the Qatar Airways colours
Video mapping Experience During the opening show, the Concertgebouw seemed to come to life thanks to a video mapping experience on the organ. The show was supplemented with high-quality entertainment throughout the evening, such as live bands and an LED drum act. High-quality videos added the finishing touch, with content from the airline carrier and its destinations. +31 35 303 2000
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