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We live for LIVE

Event agency D&B Eventmarketing

The world revolves around experience. We believe that there’s no better way to bring people and brands closer together than through a unique LIVE experience. That’s why we create events and digital experiences that matter. That move and connect people. That bring about positive change. And that turn customers, relations, or employees into fans.

We bring brands to life.

We love challenges.

Only by not assuming anything, do you prevent more than 40 years of experience turning into routine. We are curious, embrace change, take the initiative, and stick our necks out. That’s how we make a difference for you as our client. And for those people that you want to inspire.

We love ideas.

Not any old idea, but ideas with meaning. To discover that, we will always search for that singular concept, that specific LIVE experience or campaign that perfectly suits your needs. Such ideas might be a bit ‘edgy’. After all, we don’t just like to challenge ourselves, but others as well, you among them.

We love results.

Quantifiable results. Based on clear aims. Together we translate your marketing and communication strategy into unique LIVE communication. Whichever route we choose, we like to join you in your endeavor. That’s how LIVE delivers a valuable contribution to the mission of your brand or organization.

Living your brand, getting your results. That is what you can expect from us.

We believe in the power of LIVE. Whether it is a one-time event or a long term campaign. From strategy to production. Whether onsite or online and social. From goosebumps for a mere moment to an enduring relation. Welcome to the world of LIVE!


Welcome to D&B Eventmarketing, The LIVE Company.
Living your brand, getting your results. 



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info@db-eventmarketing.nl +31 35 303 2000 Van Hengellaan 25
1217 AR Hilversum
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